Weight Loss Success Story

By April 23, 2013 March 21st, 2017 Slimming Pills, Weight Loss

I know people have mixed opinions about slimming pills and that’s okay, everybody is entitled to their opinion. So please don’t yell at me for telling you our story. My partner and I dated as teenagers for at least a year. Back then we were 18 years old. My partner was skinny! Okay not that skinny but he was a healthy weight for a teenager!

Fast forward 12 years and by this time he was up to an all time weight high, weighing in at 110kg (242.5 pounds)! Six months into our relationship I moved to overseas to be with him. I cooked most of our meals thinking I was cooking healthy food for both of us. We would have bowls of salads with pesto and pasta, toasted sandwiches with melted cheese and basically a carb fueled diet. We were going to the gym at this point almost 5 days a week working hard for an hour doing weights and on the treadmill. I was also doing yoga 3 days a week but we both had office jobs and really didn’t move much from the desk during the day.

Then my weight started to increase. I was only 60 kg but was heading towards the 70kg zone. We then did a BMI test for my partner and his number showed us that he was obese! Unbelievable, I never really noticed he had put so much weight on and the fact that he was obese and a smoker well we both knew that can’t be healthy.

We then moved to Bali, Indonesia for 3 months. I thought something needs to be done about our weight but especially his. We purchased slimming pills for my partner (yes from this site) as he though he couldn’t just change his diet and lose weight. So we agreed he would take the pill’s while we were in Bali and then stop.

I found a Balinese personal trainer who has years of experience in the fitness industry and has competed worldwide in bodybuilding. He told us to cut the carbs and for my partner to eat more red meat and vegetables. I have high iron and had to stay away from the red meat and select chicken or fish dishes. We ate 3 meals a day and drank so much water it was ridiculous. But living in a hot climate like Bali you really don’t realise just how much water you are drinking to stay hydrated. We also gave up alcohol (not altogether) but introduced cheat nights where we drank red wine and ate naughty food. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all but he would have a chocolate or two when I wasn’t looking. Cheat day would come and go and we would have our weekly weigh in which was always fun on Monday.

Now I have to tell you we started boxing 3 days a week for 1 hour a day and walked everywhere – no car, no bike just on foot! We loved it… our new lifestyle was perfect. We had given up things we loved but they were replaced with other things like tying on clothes and saying ‘do you have a smaller size?” looking in the mirror and seeing how much weight we had lost certainly motivated us to keep going and our walking adventures were always fun way to spend time together.

So how much weight have we lost? Well my partner has lost a total of 30 kg! He lost 20 kg in Bali with a combination of diet pills, healthy eating and exercise! Then we moved again and he stopped taking the pills because they helped him lose the initial weight and now he could see light at the end of the tunnel and knew he was able to lose weight by himself.

Now almost one year on he has lost a further 10kg taking him up to 30kg and looks better now than when he was 18 years old! People say the weight piles back on after you stop taking slimming pills, well I think that depends on your lifestyle. If you stop and then start eating badly, yes the weight will come back on. But if you are like us and love the healthy lifestyle and eat properly most of the time you can manage the weight. We now go away for a weekend away and eat lots of bad foods and put on 1-2 kg but we know when we get home again, stop eating badly and start eating healthy meals and we don’t feel guilty anymore.

At the end of the day it’s up to you, but this is how we lost weight and now live a really energetic lifestyle and the most important thing he is not obese anymore and healthy! If you would like to know more about out diet or Xenical let me know and happy to help.

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