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AlopeciaHair loss in men is very common and is known as ‘pattern baldness’ or in medical terms Androgenetic Alopecia. There are many causes of hair loss and they do differ between men and women.

Baldness typically means excessive hair loss from your scalp. Alopecia is hereditary and is passed on through generations.

Alopecia may develop over time or can be quite sudden and usually starts with the hair receding on the lateral sides of the forehead followed by the crown thinning until both balding areas meet to form a U-shape around the back of the head.

Men can feel self conscious about losing hair however the prescription medication Propecia is an effective way to treat hair loss (Alopecia) and encourage natural hair growth on the scalp. Women can also suffer from Alopcia, read more about it here.

How do the treatments work?

Propecia (finasteride) is a prescription pill that treats pattern baldness. Studies show 9 out of 10 men with mild to moderate hair loss saw significant results after using propecia. Propecia works by stopping the break down of testosterone and stops the loss of hair and often reverses the balding process by promoting re-growth. Propecia comes in oral tablet form taken daily, in 3-6 months you should start to see results on the scalp. Please speak to your doctor about possible side effects associated with taking Propecia.

Regaine is a lotion that is applied directly to the scalp twice a day. Regaine is an effective way to slow down hair loss and promote re-growth. There are 2 strengths of Regaine available; Regaine extra strength contains 5% concentration of the active ingredient minoxidil and designed for men that want fast results. Regaine regular strength contains 2% of minoxidil and recommended for both men and women.

How is alopecia caused?

Hair loss is caused by increased sensitivity on the scalp to male sex hormones (androgens) that circulate in men’s bloodstream. In men there is a 4 in 7 chance of receiving the baldness gene and it continues to be passed through generations.

Hair growth lasts for approximately 2-3 years. Every hair on your scalp will grow around one centimeter per month. With 90% of our hair growing at one time and 10% is resting. In time hair will become thinner and the volume is reduced, the follicle will then cease to produce hair completely leading to patterned baldness.

Most people shed hair on a daily basis, losing 100 – 150 hairs per day. Some people choose to let hair loss take its course. Yet some people experience excessive hair loss, which can be quite worrying, cause anxiety and be very embarrassing.

Hair loss may also be caused by hair pulling disorder or emotional shock. Medical conditions, medications and hormones can also cause hair loss. These include:

Medical Conditions

  • Thyroid
  • Scalp infections
  • Alopecia areata

Medicines – hair loss can be caused by medicines used to treat:

  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Heart problems
  • High blood pressure

How do I buy alopecia treatments online?

You can order treatments for hair loss online easily. All that is required is some medical based information which then allows the doctor to determine if the prescription medication is right for you. Once the online consultation has been approved by our doctor then your treatment will be sent to you from the pharmacy the very same day.

Alopecia treatments