Top 10 Women’s Body Image Concerns

By August 29, 2013 March 21st, 2017 Womens Health

If you ask any woman you find walking down the street what she likes and dislikes about her body, regardless of her physical appearance, IQ, or lot in life, we guarantee she won’t have to think long to come up with a list of self-criticisms. In an effort to help boost overall female morale, we’ve complied a list of the most common female body image concerns and would like to challenge you to once and for all do away with these ridiculous insecurities.

So what are the Top 10 Women’s Body Image Concerns?

1. Her weight – This one is a no brainer; in a society that idolizes pencil thin models and the norm is to obsess about achieving a very specific physical appearance, it’s no wonder the average woman finds herself trying to live up to impossible expectations. Instead of making wholesome lifestyle choices for the sole purpose of being healthy, today’s women have become singularly focused on reaching a number on the scale. Women feel fraught with guilt at the idea of indulging in their favorite dessert, yet irritable and exhausted by trying to constantly live up to what society deems attractive.

2. Her stomach – Unfortunately, just being “thin” is not enough for today’s women, as many also feel the need to maintain a wash-board flat stomach as well. Perhaps the single biggest indicator of attractiveness, at least in the minds of many women, is how her midriff looks in a bikini.

3. Her height – No matter how tall she is, at some point in her life every woman has longed to experience how the other half lives. Those among us who are petite in stature, often look with envy upon the mile-long legs and willowy arms of their taller sisters. “Taller women can carry and hide their weight better,” they often moan to themselves. Yet on the other hand, those women blessed with height often battle their own insecurities. Am I too tall? Do I intimidate men? Am I not dainty and feminine enough?

4. Her skin – While some women are on an eternal mission to achieve the perfect summer tan, others devote their lives to preserving a smooth, porcelain look. Either way, healthy skin is one of the best indicators of overall well-being and as such, maintaining a smooth, clear complexion is a huge point of concern to many women.

5. Her hair – One of the most obvious forms of self expression women take these days is with their hair. Long, short, straight, wavy, kinky, curly, blonde, brunette, redhead or something even more colorful, anything goes, really! Yet regardless of her specific style, the average woman will spend several years of her life fussing with her hair in an effort to make it look perfect.

6. Her ta-tas – As sexist as it may sound, the simple fact is that ours is a society obsessed with cleavage. Often, women blame men for promoting a culture obsessed with large breasts when in reality, we are just as guilty of promoting the notion that bigger is always better. Much like her height, her breasts are another thing very few women feel content with, no matter what cup size she may be.

7. Her teeth – There’s nothing more beautiful than a genuinely happy woman, lighting up the room with her smile. Alternately, we feel there’s nothing quite so sad as a woman who refuses to smile because she’s self-conscious about her mouth and teeth. Women the world over spend millions of dollars in both over the counter and more serious, surgical procedures trying to obtain the perfect kisser.

8. Her feet – It may seem silly to worry about something that spends most of the time covered in stockings and shoes, but even the foot is not immune to the inexhaustible scrutiny of the female species. Don’t believe us? Just ask yourself how we’ve developed such a huge market for pedicures, toe nail polishes, and strappy, foot-baring sandals.

9. Her thighs and hips – Believe it or not, there was once a time when the female with a true hourglass shape was prized above all others. Though women are predisposed to having wider set hips and curvier thighs than men, good luck trying to convince a woman that “child bearing hips” is a compliment.

10. Her bum – Last but certainly not least, we round out the bottom of the list (no pun intended) with the derrière. Whether she prefers something small and tight, or feels comfortable flaunting a little more padding back there, women spend no small amount of time anxiously craning their necks over their shoulders, trying to determine if, “This makes her butt look big.”

Ladies, we know a simple blog post will never be enough to change your minds completely but do us all a favor and lighten up on yourselves a little. You’re a hot little number, gorgeous, and you’ve got nothing in the world to worry about.

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