The Links Between Obesity and Diabetes

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As the world’s populace becomes heavier (thanks in large part to poor diets of fast food, high-calorie sugary beverages, and an overall lack of physical exercise), it comes as no surprise to most physicians that the population as a whole is experiencing more and more cases of diabetes. In the U.K. alone an estimated 2.9 million people suffer from diabetes (not to mention close to another million undiagnosed cases), and of those, nearly 90% suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.

For a quick medical lesson, it is important to note that there are two forms of diabetes, known (very cleverly) as Type 1 and Type 2. While both forms are unfortunate in their own right, for the purposes of this article we will focus on Type 2 Diabetes as it is considered far more treatable, if not nearly curable, and is often directly related to a person’s weight and lifestyle. Since nearly 90% of those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes are also overweight, it is not difficult to see the correlation between the two.

What is Type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes, at its core, is the body’s inability to produce enough insulin that your body can use correctly. Initially, as you gain weight your body will hyperactively produce insulin to help you maintain normal blood sugar levels. However, as miraculous as our bodies are, we cannot expect them to work at their highest capacity forever; as a person becomes heavier and more overweight, increasingly more strain is put on the pancreas to keep up. Eventually, the body simply loses its ability to produce enough insulin and often the body cannot even properly absorb what is produced. This leads to dangerously high blood sugar levels, which in turn can be linked to all manner of health related issues.

As much fun as it sounds to be on a perpetual sugar high, unfortunately, over time elevated blood sugar levels can lead to all sorts of nasty medical complications. Heart disease and strokes are two of the most common, although blindness, complicated pregnancies (for women, obviously) and sometimes even the amputation of limbs are all very real possibilities as well. As people become more overweight they tend to become less and less physically active, which has a couple negative side effects. First of all, inactivity only serves to promote further weight gain and second, it directly contributes to poor circulation, which in turn leads to limbs that must be amputated. Sadly, thousands of people die each year, from complications related to Type 2 diabetes.

Luckily however, if you are a high-risk patient who has not yet developed full blown diabetes, there are a number of preventative measures you can take now; often even simple lifestyle changes will make a huge difference! It sounds simple but the truth is, even minor, incremental weight loss can go a long way towards preventing or at least delaying the onset of diabetes. Studies have shown that as little as a 5% weight reduction is enough to make a difference. Combine that with a regular exercise routine (even something as simple as walking on a daily basis) and your odds of developing diabetes should decrease dramatically.

If you already suffer from this disease, we can also offer some helpful tips for you too. One key to staying as healthy as possible is to be diligent about taking your insulin and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, Loxdoc offers a Type 2 diabetes medication such as Metformin, which can easily be ordered online and delivered directly to your home. In order to qualify, you simply need to complete the online consultation (which will take the place of a traditional doctor’s visit) then place your order. The chemist will complete the prescription if you are approved for the medication and it shipped directly to you within 48 hours.

It’s quick, simple, and cost effective. You will no longer have to worry about running out of your medication at inopportune moments or inadvertently skipping a treatment because you have forgotten to refill your prescription or ran out of time to run by the pharmacy.

No doubt, diabetes can be hard to live with but with diligence and responsibility, it need not be a death sentence by any means. You can survive and still live a full, happy life!

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