Sleeping Awake? How To Overcome Insomnia

By November 6, 2014 March 21st, 2017 Sleep Insomnia

Insomnia is a disorder faced by many across all age groups . It seems to be more rampant amongst the young and middle aged people mainly due to erratic work schedules, pressure to meet impending deadlines, social obligations and various other reasons. Not everybody needs 8 hours of sleep, however, a good night’s sleep is essential not only to refresh the mind but also for various bodily functions to perform and regulate. Insomnia affects different people differently; it can last for a few days or a few years depending on a host of factors.

Insomnia can lead to various issues like irritability, falling sick often, reduced immunity, mood swings, lack of energy and low performance at work. It is best to consult with your doctor to treat insomnia before it becomes chronic or takes a toll on your overall health. There are a few simple tips that you can follow to overcome insomnia.

Overcoming insomnia with some simple techniques

There are always a few handy techniques that you can practice and overcome sleeplessness. Let us take a look at a few of these techniques.

Managing your daily schedule

Your daily set of activities determines and affects your quality of sleep at night. Try and analyse your work schedule, your meeting timings, eating patterns and lunch and snack breaks. Super busy work schedules and environment may disturb your lunch break or eating habits which further creates problems like acidity, headache and weakness. Carve out some time from your schedule for lunch and snacks and try to stick to it. This regulation will help your body function well and keep you fresh.

No smoking and caffeine

Smoking and caffeine both are known to contain stimulants which can cause insomnia. Coffee and various other products like energy drinks are known to contain caffeine that increases your alertness temporarily; continuous doses throughout the day can cause sleeplessness. It is best to avoid these products and if you just need it remember to keep a watch on your consumption. Coffee combined with cigarettes is bad for you as it compounds the effects of stimulants. Make a resolution today to stay away from smoke and caffeine.

Yoga / Exercise

Yoga can certainly help you regulate your sleeping patterns. There are quite a few poses or aasanaas that can regulate your blood flow and breathing patterns which can aid in overcoming sleeplessness.
Exercise not only helps you stay fit and healthy but also reduces depressive symptoms and anxiety, most common reasons behind sleeplessness.

Turn off notifications

In this new age of smartphones where everything is integrated and interlinked you are continuously receiving notifications be it your mails, tweets or text messages. Resist the urge to check your updates or mails every now and then, if the thing is not urgent you can take care of it the next day. Turn off all your notifications before going to bed for you need that rest.

Time tested

These are some of the methods that you know or have been told by your parents and friends. You have always been sceptical about the results and so have never tried them. Refer the list below and try one just for kicks!
• Drink warm milk before going to bed
• Take a short warm water bath
• Listen to light and soothing music in the bed
• Avoid high carb foods during dinner
• Avoid day time naps
• Ensure your bed is comfortable and your bedroom pleasant and peaceful and last but not the least
• Try counting sheep if you are having problems falling asleep

Medicines like Melatonin are readily available that can help you combat insomnia. Visit your doctor to gain more information on how these are effective in overcoming sleeplessness. Sleep is necessary for you to function, do not take insomnia lightly, treat it today!

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