Shedding The Extra Kilos For A Healthy You

By February 12, 2015March 21st, 2017General Health, Weight Loss

Obese or being over weight is quite a concern affecting millions of people world over. Millions of people across the world lose their lives to obesity and related diseases. Like many diseases weight problems can be overcome with a few precautions, practices and certain medications.

Some of the leading obesity related diseases are:

Diabetes: Diabetes is high blood sugar levels in the body over long durations of time, either due to the body not producing enough insulin or not reacting to the produced insulin. Diabetes is a serious concern and make sure you adhere to your scheduled regular check ups to treat it.

Cholesterol: High cholesterol levels are bad for your health as it increases the possibility of contracting other cardiovascular diseases. Dairy foods, egg yolks, red meat and shellfish are some typical food items that you should stay away from to keep cholesterol levels in check.


High blood pressure: Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of global deaths. Hypertension – an increase of blood pressure in the arteries, has a tendency to increase with age and weight. This increases pressure on the heart raising the risk of strokes and other associated diseases. Regular exercise and watching what you eat is very important for people suffering from hypertension.

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis is signified by deterioration of bones and obesity is one of the major reasons behind it. Fatty foods and sedentary lifestyle has added fuel to the fire with more and more people gaining weight. Avoiding foods with high saturated fats and exercising regularly is the key to keep osteoarthritis at bay.


A host other diseases like back pain and gallstones are also related to weight problems; it is imperative to watch your weight and follow certain guidelines. If you feel your weight has increased, meet your doctor to calculate your Body Mass Index – BMI and chart a diet and exercise plan accordingly.

For people who are not that over-weight can set things right by following dietary and exercising restrictions. For obese people pills like Qsymia and Xenical can help in weight loss. Ask your physician about the possible dosages and side-effects before turning to these pills. Online consultation is available at Loxdoc to discuss all your health concerns and problems.

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