It’s Okay To Be A Quitter – Stop Smoking!

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We understand what a difficult challenge it is to break free from the nicotine addiction, but it is never too tough to finally kick off the habit for good. If you’ve tried to quit smoking and didn’t succeed, don’t feel bad. It takes most smokers several tries before they can quit the addiction. So, if you’ve tried a few times, keep on trying to finally give up the habit and lead a healthier life.

Smoking a cigarette has been identified as one of the most important source of premature mortality worldwide. The health hazards associated with smoking are known to every smoker but the only excuse they have is that the addiction is too strong to quit. You do realise that not one person who smokes has ever led a healthier life and it even brings harm to the family around him.

Strategies to quit smoking may seem challenging, especially with the stress and pressure of a hectic work life that tempts you to pick up your cigarette. However, once decided to chase the smoking cessation process, you can eventually find a way through breaking your bond with cigarettes.

One day at a time

Don’t look at quitting cold turkey but take it one day at a time. Worrying about tomorrow, or the week or next month will make it difficult to make it through the present day. Focus on avoiding cigarettes each moment at a time on one day.

Personal List

Create a personal list in your diary about what steps you are going to take to quit smoking. Write down your personal reasons for giving up the habit and customise it with names and photographs of loved ones. Use this list to motivate yourself each time you feel like picking up a cigarette.

Talk to family and friends

Family and friends can give you an added nudge to stay focussed and on your goal and help you achieve your goals. Celebrate with close friends and family each time you reach a milestone in your efforts. Reward yourself and feel proud on each day that goes without a cigarette.

Take up a hobby or join a gym

To avoid cracking under the pressure of nicotine withdrawal symptoms, try distracting yourself with things you love to do. Take up a new hobby like learning music or a healthier option would be to join a gym. Pamper yourself by indulging in a therapeutic massage that relieves your mind from stress and rejuvenates your senses.

Get enough sleep

Staying up late in the night often means that you can sneak out and get a smoke when everyone around is sleeping. In order to curb your cravings, it is better to sleep on time and get at least 8 hours of rest before you begin the next day.

10-minute delay rule

The 10-minute delay rule works wonders in curbing your urge for smoking. When you crave for a cigarette, try to delay your urge for 10 minutes and distract yourself. Try to read your personal list or think of how good you’ll feel if you don’t smoke. Your craving should pass away in those 10 minutes.

Smoking Cessation Medicines

Champix and Zyban are two clinically proven smoking cessation medications that can be prescribed online. Taking these reduces the urge to smoke and helps you quit the habit for good.

Strong willpower and a positive attitude can go a long way in helping you be a quitter of the habit. Tackle the nicotine urge with the help of above mentioned tips and bid cigarettes a final goodbye. After all, it’s okay to be a quitter!

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