Xenical (orlistat) is the only weight loss prescription treatment the FDA has approved. Anyone who is overweight or obese can find Xenical helpful in managing their weight better. Xenical works within the digestive system and prevents a third of fat from meals being absorbed. In clinical trials, patients who took Xenical lost 8.6 kg (19 pounds) on average over 12 months.
The active ingredient in Xenical is called orlistat. Orlistat stops the body from absorbing fat in your daily meals. Fat is broken up using enzymes called lipases. Orlistat attaches to these enzymes and prevents them from breaking up fat, instead forcing the fat to pass directly through your digestive system.

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Who can take Xenical?

The FDA has approved Xenical orlistat for the use in adults over the age of 18 who have been unable to lose weight by dieting and exercising alone. Adults who have a body mass index (BMI) over 30 or over 27 with underlying health problems such as heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol can be prescribed this medication. If you are unsure of what your BMI is you can also calculate your BMI during your free online consultation.

Who should not take Xenical?

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have food absorption difficulties or if you experience reduced bile flow then Xenical is not suitable. You must also include a list of any other prescription or over-the-counter medications that you are taking in your consultation to avoid suffering from drug interactions.

How is Xenical taken?

Xenical orlistat tablets are taken up to 3 times a day, once with each meal, taken either before or shortly after. Your meals should have no more than 30% fat content for Xenical to be effective and a course of Xenical should be taken in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet. You should also take a multi-vitamin supplement while taking Xenical as some important nutrients that are gained from fat are also excreted with the fat molecules.

What are the side effects from taking Xenical?

Xenical works by allowing excess fat to go straight through your digestive system, so it is likely to cause changes in your bowel movements and increase the amount of time you spend on the toilet. The first few weeks you may also experience a higher amount of gas. Also, if a meal is higher in fat then you may also have less control of your bowel movements.

Can I buy Xenical online?

You can indeed buy Xenical online safely and discreetly. Select the quantity you desire and click ‘Buy Now’ – you will be invited to complete a free and private consultation with a doctor online. If they conclude that Xenical is a suitable treatment for you, they will write a prescription and forward it to a pharmacy, who will then deliver your medication the next day.


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