Ultraproct is a proven treatment for a common condition known as haemorrhoids (piles). Ultraproct provides relief from the pain and itching associated with the condition. It is available as an ointment or suppositories, which can treat both internal and external haemorrhoids.
Ultraproct contains two active components: fluocortolone, which is a cortosteroid that acts to reduce inflammation, and cinchocaine; a local anaesthetic, which acts to reduce pain.

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How does Ultraproct work?

Inflammation occurs when substances that are important to the immune system are released causing blood vessels to widen. This results in the area becoming itchy, painful, red and swollen. Ultraproct combines the two active ingredients providing long lasting relief.

The corticosteroid Fluocortolone acts locally inside cells to decrease the production of these substances and reduce the itching and swelling of piles. Cinchocaine has analgesic properties and is a local anaesthetic which also relaxes spasm of the anal sphincter.

How do I use Ultraproct?

Both Ultraproct ointment and suppositories should be used only after the bowels have been emptied. The Ultraproct ointment can be used both internally and externally for the anal region. A nozzle is provided with the ointment for application into the back passage. Screw the nozzle on to the tube and gently insert into the rectum. Squeeze a small amount of ointment into the area then remove the nozzle slowly. Remember to clean the nozzle thoroughly afterwards.

Before and after applying this medicine you should always wash your hands thoroughly. The affected area should be thoroughly washed as well as dried before application.

Ultraproct suppositories are intended for insertion into the rectum. Use one suppository after each bowel movement for five to seven days. If the symptoms are severe, this can be increased to two or three times a day.

Following the first week of treatment a suppository can be inserted every other day for a further week. If you miss a dosage of Ultraproct ointment, apply it as soon as possible, (unless it is close to the time that you are due to apply the next dose, in which case omit the missed dose). Do not use a double dose.

Avoid prolonged use. If symptoms persist after one week of using Ultraproct, consult your doctor. Not to be taken by mouth. Ultraproct is not recommended for use in children.

Are there side effects with Ultraproct?

People can be affected in different ways from the same medication; this is the same with Ultraproct. Reactions are uncommon but can include: Decreased functioning of the adrenal gland (adrenal suppression), allergic skin reactions and skin thinning due to suppression of skin growth.

How do I buy Ultraproct online?

First you must complete a free short consultation online with the doctor when you buy Ultraproct. This is a confidential process that replaces the one on one appointment that you would usually undergo to receive prescription medication. Once you have been approved for the medication you purchase Ultraproct safely online through loxdoc.

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