Synphase is a combined oral contraceptive pill used to protect you from pregnancy. Combined oral contraceptive pills are taken by over 100 million women worldwide and are a popular birth control method. Synphase is almost 100% effective against unwanted pregnancy when taken correctly.
Taking a contraceptive pill regularly usually helps women with their periods and may result in lighter, less painful and regular menstrual cycles. Some birth control pills are prescribed to women to also help with the following; weight loss, acne, heavy periods, amenorrhoea (lack of period), dysfunctional bleeding, premenstrual syndrome, and endometriosis.

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Unfortunately Synphase is currently not available online in the UK. We do have other combined contraceptive pills available here.

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How does Synphase work?

Synphase is a triphasic pill, which means the level of hormones in the pills rise and fall yet the level of oestrogen will remain the same. The two active hormones in Synphase contraception are ethinylestradiol and norethisterone. These are synthetic versions of the naturally produced female hormones known as oestrogen and progesterone.

Hormone levels fluctuate throughout the month when women have their usual menstrual cycle. The female sex hormones cause the ovaries to release an egg. This process is known as ovulation and prepares the lining of the womb for possible pregnancy. If an egg hasn’t been fertilised at the end of the cycle, the hormones will drop and you will experience your monthly menstrual bleed.

When you take Synphase everyday, it contains hormones, which tricks your body into thinking you have already ovulated. This stops an egg from being fertilised and being released from the ovaries every month. Hormones will also increase the texture of mucus on the opening of your womb making it harder for sperm to reach an egg, which can result in pregnancy.

How do I take Synphase?

Synphase is usually started on the first day of your menstrual bleed. By doing this you have immediate protection from pregnancy. However the pill can be taken at anytime during your period. If this is the case just make sure to use another form of contraception for at least 7 days to make sure you are covered. Synphase comes in 21-day strips containing 3 types of tablets each with a different level of hormones.

One tablet is taken daily for 21 days and then you have a 7-day break from taking any tablets. During this time you will experience your menstrual bleed. It’s important to remember to resume taking the pills after you 7-day rest even if you still have a small bleed. During the 7 day rest you will also be protected against pregnancy provided you followed directions and have taken the pills correctly.

Are there any side effects?

People react differently to different medications and there are possible side effects you need to be aware of but not everybody will experience side effects. They include:

  • Lack of sex drive
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Bleeding and spotting
  • Headaches
  • Sore and tender breasts
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Change in menstrual bleeding
  • Thrush

Can I buy Synphase online?

Yes, first you are required to complete a free, short consultation online with our doctor to buy Synphase contraceptive pills. This is a confidential process that replaces the face-to-face appointment that you would normally undergo to receive a prescription medication. The medication will then be sent from our pharmacy to arrive to you once the online doctor has approved you the medication.

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