Proctosedyl is an ointment that is prescribed by doctors for treating symptoms linked to haemorrhoids or piles. It is basically used for the short term relief of symptoms that include; pain, itching and irritation. The medication has two main ingredients; Cinchocaine and Hydrocortisone. These components work together to provide the necessary relief.

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How does Proctosedyl work?

One of the active ingredients in this medication is a local anaesthetic called Cinchocaine. What this local anaesthetic does is that it numbs the pain. As such, there will be fewer spasms on the anal area. Another active component is Hydrocortisone. This is a corticosteroid. What this group of medicines does is that it reduces inflammation. In turn, there will be a reduction in swelling and itching.

How do I take Proctosedyl?

For the treatment of the anal exterior, simply apply a small quantity twice a day subsequent to each bowl movement. For the internal area, make use of the attachment that comes with the medication. Make sure that you insert it gently inside the anus before you squeeze the ointment inside. You must ensure that you practice proper hygiene when applying this medication. Your hands should be washed clean and always clean the affected area before applying a new dose. The plastic attachment must also be kept clean at all times.

In as far as the dosage is concerned; take the medication as directed by the doctor. There are various factors that determine the dosage. These include body weight and certain medical condition. So do not simple focus on the instruction written on the label, listen to what your doctor tells you to do.

Proctosedyl side effects

People react differently to medications. Some experience side effects and others don’t. Some experience mild side effects from Proctosedyl while some experience severe side effects. However, side effects are rarely severe and most people do not even experience them. Here are some of the common side effects associated with the use of Proctosedyl;

  • Thinning of the skin
  • Skin allergic reactions such as rash
  • Adrenal suppression

These are not the only side effects you might experience. In the event that you do suffer from any one of them, simply contact your doctor immediately.

Can I buy Proctosedyl online?

Buying Proctosedyl medication online is fairly simple. You have to complete a out a short consultation with an online doctor. As soon as the consultation is complete, if approved you will be given your prescription. This prescription will allow you to order your medication online from loxdoc. Once you have ordered the medication, Proctosedyle will be shipped to you and you should receive it within 48 hours.

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