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Imodium is medicine used for the treatment of sudden diarrhoea. It is effective in slowing down gut movements. Essentially, it reduces the number of bowel movements and it also makes your stools less watery. People who are allergic to loperamide are advised not to use this medication. You should also not use Imodium if your stools are tarry, bloody or black or if your diarrhoea is a result of taking antibiotics.
Prior to taking this medication, make sure that you tell your doctor if there is mucus in your stools, you have a fever, you are currently taking antibiotics or if you have a history of liver disease. Also make certain that while you are taking this medication, you drink a lot of liquids. It can take up to 2 days before you start seeing some improvement in your symptoms. Currently Imodium is only available when you buy the diarrhoea pack.

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How does Imodium work?

This medication works by slowing down digestion. This means that the small intestines will have more time to absorb fluids and nutrients. Apart from effectively treating diarrhoea, Imodium also reduces the quantity of stools in those who have an ileostomy. The medication only treats the symptoms of diarrhoea, not the causes.

How do I take Imodium?

Imodium must be used as directed by your doctor. It must not be used in smaller or larger quantities or for a longer period than recommended. When taking the medication, take it with a full glass of water and also drink lots of water while taking Imodium so that you always stay hydrated. Usually this medication is taken when you start experiencing diarrhoea symptoms. The first dose is normally twice as much as the doses you will take afterwards.

Imodium must not be taken more than 3 times in a period of 24 hours, unless those are the doctor’s instructions. If the medication is in the form of a chewable tablet, make sure that you chew the tablet before swallowing. If it is in the form of an oral suspension, shake the bottle well prior to measuring a dose. As for the dose, make use of the special measuring spoon that comes with the medication; do not use a regular spoon.

Are there side effects?

Imodium, like most types of drugs, has possible side effects that you must be aware of. When you start taking this medicine, you might have an allergic reaction in the form of:

  • Hives
  • Swelling of the face, throat, lips or tongue
  • Difficulty breathing

If you experience an allergic reaction, stop using the medicine and seek medical help quickly. Serious side effects associated with this medication include:

  • Worsening diarrhoea
  • Stomach pain
  • Bloating
  • Watery or bloody diarrhoea

Can I buy Imodium online?

Certainly, you can buy Imodium online discreetly and safely in the comfort of your own home. Firstly, you must fill out a free consultation form and make sure that you include relevant medical information. Once you have filled the consultation form, a doctor will determine whether the medication is suitable for your particular condition. Once the doctor approves the medication, it will be delivered to you in less than 48 hours.

10 reviews for Imodium

  1. So relieved!

    I have had chronic diarrhea for 20 years. I could not eat without experiencing diarrhea, had accidents in public places. The first thing I did when entering a new building was locate the restroom. I frequently had to leave my classroom unattended to run–no running would have been disastrous–carefully walk to the nearest restroom and have embarrassingly flatulent and explosive bouts of diarrhea. I finally started self-medicating, taking one tablet in the morning and one before supper. I have two normal bowel motions a day. No more diarrhea now. My life has changed! Reviewed July 12, 2012

  2. Shield Sheafson

    If I eat meat, spicy foods, or dairy products, especially if it is later in the day, I sometimes get acute diarrhea at night. This is sometimes accompanied by pain that is bad enough to double me over. Imodium has always stopped the diarrhea, and the pain that I get with it, and almost always within two doses. As the bottle suggests, I take two pills after the first loose stool, and one after any subsequent loose stool. Although other medicines (such as Pepto-Bismal / Kaopectate) can also be helpful, whenever I sense that these symptoms are starting, I think of Imodium right away, because I know there is a very high probability that it will make the period of discomfort be as short as possible. Reviewed October 13, 2013

  3. pees

    I get diarrhea all the time since I was 12 or 13. I take a lot of meds, and a lot of food I can no longer eat. This medicine works right away for me. I am now 67 yrs old. I only use it if the diarrhea lasts for more than two days. Reviewed July 19, 2014

  4. Lasgun

    It works instantly. Reviewed January 9, 2016

  5. Cynthia McManus

    This is the only product that has worked for me. Can you please improve the taste. Thank You. Reviewed February 16, 2016

  6. Mat1999

    I’ve had diarrhoea for 3 days now with minimal sleep, constant abdominal pains. •First of I started feeling ill with minor headaches fever like. •Second day I was throwing up with nothing left in my body feeling weak and restless •Third day I had diarrhoea every hour leaving me feeling drained. Night time was impossible to sleep constant bowel movement. I read about Imodium not thinking I could use this whilst having this virus. Had to take two to start with didn’t work then took two more after each bowel movement then I had few abdominal aches. The 10 minuets it started working! Reviewed March 28, 2016

  7. SurBig

    I had 18″ of my large intestines removed a year ago. I still had Diarrhea bad. I took Imodium and was so happy I feel normal. Something I can’t drink is Beer. )-: That is ok with me. I only take it every other day. I am a happy camper. Reviewed January 16, 2017

  8. poobelly

    Acute diarrhea .Was told by the pharmacist I could safely take Immodium while on (blood thinner) Eliquis. I had acute diarrhea and my stools were looking like there was blood in it. Very scary. Followed directions 100% and after 2 doses was so much better. Even got to sleep some. Felt like a miracle in an OTC product. Thank you so much. Symptoms disappeared after 2 doses. No bloody stools no pain.100% better Complaint : opening packaging lost three pills somewhere in the carpet. Fourth pill I accidently broke open while in my mouth. Immediately began vomiting. Until there was no more fluid left. GREAT PRODUCT EFFECTIVE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. No consequences regarding blood thinners. Again,thank you. Reviewed April 5, 2017

  9. Nessaa

    I have IBS plus I’m lactose intolerant and have struggled with this for 5 years now so far and for 3 years I was unable to enjoy a meal because as soon as I ate, I was in the bathroom. When I take imodium now for the past 2 years, I can actually eat meals and it wont bother my stomach. I feel normal and go to the bathroom normally but if I miss a day and don’t take the pills, I am back to going to the bathroom after every meal. Imodium has really helped me. Especially when it triggers in the morning, so it helps me to be able to go to work at 5am. There are somedays I didn’t have pills and could not go into work because I could not stop using the bathroom. I love imodium! Reviewed April 7, 2017

  10. John W the Brit

    I felt better about 3 hours after taking 2 tablets. Still have a slight problem though but will be taking one more twice a day and I expect to feel much better then. Reviewed January 15, 2018

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