Asthma attacks can be prevented by using Flixotide. Basically, Flixotide provides relief from asthma triggers. An asthmatic attack occurs due to inflammation which causes the airways to block. This condition results in breathlessness and prevents the air from reaching the lungs. The affected person finds it difficult to breath and can often be found panting for breaths.
In order to effectively treat asthma, Flixotide is taken using an inhaler. This is because when you inhale the medicine, it goes directly to the lungs. You can use one of the three types of Flixotide inhalers available on the market; the evohaler (the chlorofluorocarbons free metered dose inhaler), accuhaler (breath-actuated) or the diskhaler.

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How does Flixotide work?

When flixotide is taken, an active ingredient called fluticasone propionate present in the medicine reacts with the lungs and prevents the release of chemicals which are responsible for inflammation. The medicine prevents the airways from blocking and relaxes the muscles of the airways, allowing air to circulate freely. Flixotide only helps to control the triggers of asthma; it is not a treatment for asthma.

When a dose of Flexotide is inhaled the medicine is absorbed by the cells of the lungs and the respiratory system. In this process a chemical reaction takes place and Flixotide obstructs the release of the allergic causing chemicals and thereby reduces the inflammation of lungs and provides relief.

During an asthmatic attack, the inflammation and formation of surplus mucus block the airways resulting in respiratory difficulties. Inhalation of Flixotide helps in such cases to prevent the attacks. It helps to control the inflammation and formation of excess mucus and provides the free passage of air, thus easing the flow of air into the lungs.

How do I take Flixotide?

These inhalers are to be used according to the doctor’s instructions. A dosage of Flixotide is inhaled through an inhaler. Depending on the frequency of attacks, the results can be noticed within three days to one week of the treatment. It is important to continue the medicine in order to prevent any future attacks. It is also important to note that the medicine is used only to ease the flow of air through the respiratory tract and prevent the asthma attacks, but not as a complete cure for asthma. If the attacks increase, a doctor needs to be consulted immediately.

Are there any side effects?

Most medications, although very effective, often have possible side effects. It is important to be aware of the possible side effects associated with Flixotide prior to using it. Some common side effects include:

  • Difficulty in breathing or wheezing
  • Fungal infections in the mouth
  • Indigestion
  • Irritation of throat

Can I buy Flixotide online?

Yes, you can buy Flixotide by following a few easy steps. First, you must fill out a short consultation form. Make certain that you provide all the relevant medical details. This will allow an online doctor to determine whether the medication is suitable for your particular condition. Next, the doctor will approve the medication and write you a prescription which will be sent to the pharmacy. The medication will be delivered to you in 24-48 hours.

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