Evorel Sequi

Evorel Sequi patches are used in hormone replacement therapy. Evorel Sequi is a twin pack with two kinds of patches; Evorel 50 patches and Evorel conti patches. Evorel 50 patches contain estradiol hemihydrate while Evorel Conti patches contain estradiol hemihydrate as well as norethisterone acetate.
Evorel Sequi is prescribed primarily to peri- menopausal and post- menopausal women that show oestrogen deficiency. Oestrogen deficiency results in women having symptoms like mood swings and night sweats during menopause.

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How does Evorel Sequi work?

The two active ingredients; estradiol hemihydrate and norethisterone acetate help to reduce such symptoms. Additionally, the drug is given to patients for the prevention of osteoporosis, specifically post- menopausal women. However, not much is known about the success in treating women over the age of 65 for preventing osteoporosis.

Because it mimics a monthly period, Evorel Sequi is really best for women who are still experiencing irregular periods. Interested patients should know that use of Evorel Sequi often results in a withdrawal bleed, often at the end of the Evorel Conti patches or at the end of the monthly cycle.

How do I take Evorel Sequi?

Evorel Sequi is delivered to the patient transdermally via a patch. The treatment cycle for Evorel Sequi is 28 days and the patch must work at all times without any interruption. The patch is changed twice per week and wearing a patch more than four days could result in bleeding or spotting.

During the first two weeks of the treatment cycle, the patient will use the estradiol only patch, Evorel 50 and during the last two weeks, the patient wears a patch that contains estradiol as well as norethisterone, Evorel Conti.

The patch should remain in place at all times, even while showering. If the patch should come off during the shower or bath, the patient should wait a short time before replacing it. If a patch should come off at any other time, it should be replaced immediately.

Are there side effects?

Some side effects can include;

  • Endometriosis,
  • Headaches or migraines,
  • Increase in blood pressure, and
  • An increased risk of ovarian cancer

How do I purchase Evorel Sequi online?

Purchasing Evorel Sequi patches online is simple. Basically, all you need to do is to obtain a prescription from the online doctor who will check you medical history during a brief consultation. The process does not take long and you can purchase Evorel Sequi patches from the comfort of your home once you have been approved. The medication will be delivered to you within 2 working days.

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