Diarrhoea Pack

The diarrhoea pack is perfect for people looking to travel abroad. The pack contains everything you need to treat diarrhoea when traveling. The diarrhoea pack contains an antibiotic, oral rehydration aids and medications to provide relief from symptoms such as nausea and loose bowel movements (diarrhoea).
The risk of getting diarrhoea is quite high when travelling to new destinations. When you eat food or drink water that has been contaminated by bacteria you are more than likely to get diarrhoea. And the last thing you need when you get struck down with diarrhoea is to try and find a doctor or chemist in an unfamiliar place. So make sure you are prepared before leaving home.

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How does the Diarrhoea Pack work?

The Diarrhoea pack contains four packets of medications Ciproxin, Imodium, Buccastem and Dioralyte.
Ciproxin anti-biotic reduces the duration you suffer from diarrhoea. The active ingredient is ciprofloxacin, which attacks the bacteria directly that causes the diarrhoea. Only one tablet of Ciproxin is taken at a time, it is a high dose treatment. A second tablet is then taken 12 hours later.

Dioralyte contains salts including: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium citrate and carbohydrates. These ingredients help replace bodily fluids and salts that are lost as a result of diarrhoea. Dioralyte sachet should be taken after each loose bowel movement.

Imodium treats diarrhoea along with gas, bloating, cramps and pressure in the stomach and bowel. Imodium tablets are taken at the onset of the illness. You should then take one tablet after each loose stool until the illness subsides.

Buccastem will help provide immediate relief from nausea and vomiting that can be caused by traveler’s diarrhea. Buccastem should be placed in the area between your gums and your upper lip two times per day until you no longer feel nauseous.
Having diarrhoea can also cause dehydration, so it’s very important to drink plenty of water when taking any medications to treat diarrhoea.

Side effects

All medicines do have side effects associated with taking them however not everyone will suffer from them. Keep in mind that the benefits of taking medication to prevent a serious condition are more important than some minor side effects. Most side effects usually only last a few days when taking a new medication.

All medication will come with side effect information from the manufactures. It is also best you talk to your doctor if you have any concerns as they maybe able to change the dose you are currently taking or change medications.

How do I buy the Diarrhoea pack online?

To buy diarrhoea medications online is a simple process. You will have to complete an online consultation to purchase prescription medications. This will only take a few minutes and replaces the normal face-to-face consultation you would have with a doctor. After you have been approved for the Diarrhoea pack, it will be dispatched from the chemist to arrive to your door within 48 hours. This will save you time and money guaranteeing you will be ready for your trip.


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