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Cefixime tablets is in a class of drugs called cephalosporin antibiotics, which fight bacterial infections. It is used in the treatment of several different infections including; urinary tract infections, ear, lung, gonorrhoea and pneumonia.
It may be prescribed to you for medical conditions not mentioned here. Cefixime is the generic name and is also available as brand name Suprax.
When taking antibiotics please be aware that can make the contraceptive pill less effective. You should always use another form of barrier to protect against pregnancy.

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Unfortunately Cefixime is currently not available online in the UK. We do have another prescription medication available to treat gonorrhoea including Doxycycline, Azithromycin, and the Gonorrhoea Pack.

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How does Cefixime work?

A cephalosporin antibiotic stops bacteria from forming cell walls that surround them. The cell walls are required for the bacteria to multiply and survive within the body.

How do I take Cefixime?

Cefixime tablets is an oral medication that can be taken with or without food. The dose you take depends on the condition you are treating. The medication must be taken by the full length of time prescribed for you otherwise the bacteria may continue to grow.

Side effects

All medicine has side effects associated with taking them however not everyone will suffer from them. Keep in mind that the benefits of taking medication to prevent a serious condition are more important than some minor side effects. Most side effects usually only last 1-2 weeks when taking a new medication.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach

All medication will come with side effect information from the manufactures. It is also best you talk to your doctor if you have any concerns as they maybe able to change the dose of Cefixime that you are currently taking or change medications.

How do I buy Cefixime online?

You need to have a free consultation online to obtain a prescription to purchase Cefixime. This is a simple process that replaces the face-to-face consultation you would normally have with a doctor. Once you have been approved for the medication cefixime will be sent out to arrive to you discreetly the very next day.

7 reviews for Cefixime

  1. Ben10

    I had an instant relief from pneumonia within 24hrs of taking the first 3 tablets of Cefixime. Thanks.
    Drugs.com Reviewed September 23, 2009

  2. Anonymous

    Great antibiotic. Went to doctor multiple times for ear infection. Penicillin did not cut it.
    Drugs.com Reviewed December 21, 2011

  3. Likpa

    Worked okay.
    Drugs.com Reviewed July 28, 2012

  4. bOh23

    One time I experienced something strange I have difficulty of urinating, Its like there something sharp crawling in my urethra its very painful. I felt this for almost 3 days until I cannot tolerate. I have friend, a physician I tell him and he gave me Cefixime 200mg tab. I have 2, he instructed me to take 400mg in a single dose and after few minutes or two the burning sensation is gone and the discharge gradually stop in 2 days.
    Drugs.com Reviewed March 14, 2014

  5. carrosa

    Had to take one a day for 2 weeks. Pain, urgency, frequency continued for 8 days as if I were on nothing before I physically started feeling a little better. Felt like all symptoms resolved after taking entire cycle. I didn’t care for being miserable that long. I will go with something else in the future. I don’t recall any negative side effects that I had.
    Drugs.com Reviewed April 13, 2014

  6. Concerned Daddy

    My daughter was born with urinary reflux, the result of which is usually 1-2 urinary tract infections a year. Suprax ALWAYS knocks it out right away. We have tried many of the others. Some took longer and some didn’t work at all. Only con is it is hard to get and you may have to order it at the pharmacy.
    Drugs.com Reviewed April 30, 2015

  7. gjintexas

    This drug got me well when NOTHING else would. I had been sick for four months and had seen countless specialists and taken many prescription drugs and inhalers. Nothing worked until I took this drug and Qnasl. I was well in one week!!! I believe it worked miracles.
    Drugs.com Reviewed July 25, 2016

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