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Avanafil is a new drug approved by the FDA that is used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence. When a man has erectile dysfunction, it means that he is unable to maintain penile erection. Avanafil is part of a group of drugs known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. In this group you will also find drugs such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. This drug works by relaxing muscles and increasing the flow of blood to the penis.
Avanafil must not be taken by people who are allergic to it. You must also not take this medication if you are making use of a nitrate drug to treat chest pain or heart conditions, or if you are taking recreational drugs like amyl nitrate. In the event that you start feeling dizzy or nauseated during sex, or if you feel a tingling sensation, numbness or pain in the chest, jaw, neck or arms, stop the sexual activity and seek medical help immediately.

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How does Avanafil work?

When you have erectile dysfunction it means that your penis does not become firm and expand when you are sexually excited or that you cannot maintain an erection. What happens when a man is sexually excited is that the body responds naturally by increasing blood flow to the penis, thus producing and erection. Avanafil maintains an erection by increasing blood flow to the penis once the penis is stroked. If there is no physical action or if the penis is not stroked, the medication will not be able to cause an erection. In other words, Avinafil will help you achieve an erection when you are sexually stimulated, you will not achieve an erection simply by taking the pill.

How do I take Avanafil?

The dose of Avanafil depends on various factors such as the sufficiency of the response or the side effects. However, the medication should be taken 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. It is important to take your medication as prescribed by the doctor. The dose might be changed by your doctor occasionally so that you can have the best results. You can take the medication with or without food.

Are there side effects?

Side effects are common with most medications and it is important to get medical assistance as soon as you start experiencing any side effects. With Avanafil, you can experience an allergic reaction in the form of swelling of the lips, face, throat or tongue, difficulty breathing or hives. Other side effects include feeling nauseated or dizzy during sexual activity, or feeling pain, tingling or numbness in your neck, jaw, chest or arms. Serious side effects include:

  • Abrupt loss of vision or changes in vision
  • Swelling, pain or warmth in 1 or both legs
  • Abrupt hearing loss or ringing in the ears
  • An erection which is either painful or which lasts for 4 hours or more

Can I buy Avanafil online?

Avanafil is currently not available to buy online, however it is expected to be available sometime in 2013. Then in order to buy Avanafil online, you must first complete a short online consultation with a doctor. Make sure that you give the doctor all your relevant medical details. Once the doctor approves the medication, you will receive it in 24 to 48 hours.

10 reviews for Avanafil

  1. Rusir

    I’m 65 and in good health, average in most ways, sexual activity declining at a normal rate as I age. Nothing to worry about until the last year or so when my erections stopped coordinating with my desires. Not a total disconnect but sex became somewhat an embarrassment for me. Erections would come and then just disappear and weren’t very good to begin with. I either couldn’t keep an erection or I climaxed at midway(P.E.) I reluctantly brought this up to my Dr. and he says “oh yeah, everybody your age has that”. He gave me a sample pack of 200mg. caps and said try one, it’s the latest thing for that. So I took one. Worked in 15 min. Best erection in years, like a miracle! Seriously.
    Drugs.com Reviewed December 23, 2015

  2. Beau Ner

    I have tried all Four meds. Stendra, as advertised, has by far the quickest onset, usually within 20 min and full on in 30 min. Side effects are mild but it is also the weakest. For me, Viagra is the strongest with Levitra close behind. Levitra had worst side effects. Cialis is different. Very mild side effects and long lasting. So they all have their place. If I were a single guy frankly I would carry a few of each. stendra if you are in a bind with short notice. Cialis if you need to pull an all night binge. As a married guy viagra is fine and don’t be silly and try to hide it from your wife. Generic Rovatio is available ( same as Viagra). Very cheap, ask your doctor.
    Drugs.com Reviewed May 1, 2016

  3. PCA survivor

    I had a robotic radical prostatectomy four and a half years ago. I started off with Cialis and Viagra therapy which helped me regain erections, but I had noticed some shrinkage as a result of the surgery and recovery, possibly. My ED urologist gave me some samples of Stendra when it became available, and I found that it not only works faster, as fast as 6 minutes, but it gives me an erection that is perhaps as large as when I was younger.
    Drugs.com Reviewed June 29, 2016

  4. Skeetman

    Got off of Cialis because of constant heart burn and read about Stendra and it’s super fast time to erections. So got a prescription and started with 200mg. First attempt was amazing and in 30 minutes I was rock hard, just the thought of being able to enter my wife and not cum immediately because I was so stressed about being hard enough to get inside. My wife reported I felt nice and hard and we had great sex. On subsequent times I would say it was 80% effective sometimes I would have no problems getting hard, other times manual stimulation was required before I could get inside. Other times I would be inside but I would go soft inside her.
    Drugs.com Reviewed July 17, 2016

  5. AndyBaby

    Viagra = strongest one but terrible heartburn, watery eyes, stuffy nose and general bad feeling for about 12 hours. Cialis = you are ready for a good 6-12 hours but 12 hours later terrible back and hip pain, stuffy nose and the symptoms can last for 2 days. Stendra = not as strong but no side effects, everything feels more natural, a winner for me since I am married and use it twice a week. Other thoughts: If I was single and had a “first night date” I would use Viagra. Never fails and it’s almost “automatic rock hard” as long as you get the 1-4 hour timing right. There is something about Cialis that helps you prolong things. If you need help in that department give it a try, the downside is that it feels less natural.
    Drugs.com Reviewed October 12, 2016

  6. Shots suck

    Ok average guy late 40 s. My testosterone levels had dropped to a man twice my age for no reason. Started off with 1 cc testosterone nothing. Dr prescribed viagra not much . Then switched me to the ed dex shot to penis talk about mixed results it differed every time After 2 trips to the e r for the over 4 hour errection which hurts like the devil i learned to use a filter needle at home. I thought this was my plight. I tried everything and i mean everything. This actually works ! Little to no side effects and keeps working a few day’s later for me. This is my experience. If the price was cheaper would give it a 10. Since your urologist can fill generic viagra in office now so use that in a pinch.
    Drugs.com Reviewed October 21, 2016

  7. Aldo001

    I’ve tried viagra and was just ok. Dr. Office gave me sample bottle of strenda and it was amazing how I could stay hard for hours, girl friend says I’m better than men half my age, I’m 54. Matches her 37 yo drive perfect. I highly recommend it.
    Drugs.com Reviewed April 6, 2017

  8. Htoad

    I take 200mg about 45 min before sexual activity, this usually allows me to get hard enough to penetrate and maintain an erection until I get the job done (10-15 minutes). Once I have ejaculated I cannot get another erection. I have found that Stendra works better if you make a lot of time for foreplay to help with arousal (for both of you), usually more fun also. For me this med is not as effective as Cialis or Viagra but the side effects are MUCH more tolerable.
    Drugs.com Reviewed June 21, 2017

  9. Rob Davies

    Stendra is the best! Fast acting, reliable and works great. Stendra works! My sex life has never ever been better. Thank you, Stendra!
    Drugs.com Reviewed September 28, 2017

  10. CalSurfer

    As prescribed, I took 1/2 pill (100mg) of Stendra after a night of adult beverages, good food, and dancing. Less than 30 min later, with her prompting, I was harder than ever and lasted 2 hrs. We’re very happy. No negative side effects. NOW, here’s the good part…………. 4 hours later, without taking any more Stendra, it was still working 4 hours after that, same thing. Poor wife was lethargic for the next 24 hrs. Thank you Stendra ps- had tried Cialis and Viagra in the past with poor AND negative results.
    Drugs.com Reviewed November 15, 2017

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