How Can I Help My Partner Quit Smoking?

By April 19, 2013 March 21st, 2017 Quit Smoking

Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances on the planet, and quitting smoking is tough. Even though smokers nowadays are perfectly aware of the health risks to themselves and everyone around them inhaling their second-hand smoke, it’s still difficult to kick the habit.

If you aren’t a smoker but your partner is, chances are that you’d be thrilled to bits if he or she quit the cigarette habit. You probably wondering how can i help my partner quit smoking? Maybe you’ve nagged him or her about stopping, or perhaps you’ve tried to be supportive but neither method worked.

Because you care about your partner, you want to ensure that he or she is healthy and you want to see him or her quit smoking for good. The good news is that there are a few ways you can help your partner quit smoking.

How can I help my partner quit smoking?

Discuss taking medication to ease cravings. As mentioned above, tobacco is highly addictive due to its nicotine content. Quitting cold turkey works for some people, but not others; cravings and moodiness can be downright awful to deal with. Therefore, direct your partner to loxdoc where a doctor, through an online consultation, may recommend a nicotine replacement therapy such as Champix or Zyban.

Both of these medications are effective smoking cessation tools and help ease the transition from smoker to non-smoker over a three-month period.

Eliminate “smoking associations”

Another way you can help your partner quit smoking is by pointing out habits or changing habits that remind him or her of smoking. For example, if your partner has a cup of coffee while he or she has a smoke, strongly encourage him or her to switch to tea or another hot beverage instead. This way, a hot drink will not provoke the same cigarette association and craving as the cup of coffee would.

Keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand

Along with smoking cessation medication and eliminating habits associated with smoking, you can further help your partner by keeping plenty of healthy snacks on hand. Many people who give up smoking claim that they feel very hungry in the first few weeks of cutting back on cigarettes; this gives rise to the myth that quitting makes a person gain weight.

What happens is that a smoker might not know what to do with his or her hands when a nicotine craving hits, and the easiest way to quell a craving is to eat something. Keep plenty of celery sticks and carrot sticks ready in the fridge, and avoid keeping fattening crisps or sweets in the house.

Giving up cigarettes and tobacco is tough, but it is not impossible; millions manage to stop smoking every year. Give your partner your full-hearted support, and by following the tips above, he or she will have a much better chance at success.