Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing STDs and Having Safe Sex

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Preventing STDs and Having Safe Sex

So, you’re dating a new guy and in that one passionate moment, the thought of contracting STDs is surely not going to cross your mind. Before you get cosy and intimate with your sweetheart, here are some facts and measures to practice safe sex and prevent STDs.

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs as they are commonly known are infections that have a high risk of spreading from one person to the other through unprotected intimate contact. They can affect both, men and women of all ages and backgrounds who engage in sexual contact whether through vaginal intercourse, oral sex or even anal sex. Some of these infections can also be transmitted through sharing of drug IV needles after being used by an infected person as well as through child birth or breast feeding.

Preventing STDs and Having Safe Sex

Most men and women aged between 16-25 years who are sexually active have a high chance of contracting STDs. Though STDs are highly contagious, following certain habits and rules can slash the odds of catching infection and enjoy safe sex with your partner. When done together, it increases the responsibility of better sexual health.

Talk to your Partner before Indulging in a Passionate Moment
You might not want to talk about STDs on that special night but you need to shake off your embarrassment and discuss things beforehand. Make sure you know each other well and are honest about any infections or diseases contracted in the past. It is important to be able to talk comfortably with your partner about safer sex and STD testing. These conversations can be tough to have at first, but they get much easier with practice.

Practice Protected Sex
Insist on using a condom every time you engage in sexual intercourse, especially with a new partner. Latex condoms are highly effective in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure you use them correctly and keep them handy all the time. Never use more than one condom at a time.

Get yourself and your partner screened for STDs
If you have engaged in sexual activities with another partner, get yourself tested and screened for any STDs. It is advisable for couples to get themselves screened for STDs at least once a year. If you or your partner is detected with any STD, wait for its treatment before you resume sexual activity.

A safer lifestyle choice
Partners who are mutually exclusive to each other have a reduced risk of contracting STDs. If you and your partner have been tested and are healthy, remaining faithful to each other is a good way to reduce your chances of contracting an STD. Also, avoid consuming drugs and alcohol before engaging in sexual activities. It is difficult to make responsible choices about sexual health under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Make Safe Sex Fun
Incorporating safe sex sounds like losing out on the fun and pleasure of the whole experience. Fortunately, you can practice safe sex and yet have a fantastic sex-life! Go shopping with your partner and introduce some erotic toys, fun goodies and seductive fragrances to create a pleasant atmosphere. Spice it up with new positions, new toys and new places. This gives the couple an opportunity to explore their sexual desires without compromising on health.

Keep a Safe Sex Kit Handy
Having a safe sex kit in one place means you or your partner can get at it easily, and it doesn’t have to be a big interruption to kill the passionate moments. Keep a stock of latex condoms, lubricants and your sex toys together in one kit. You don’t have to look for each little thing separately. You can add a mouthwash to this kit in case you indulge in oral sex.

Know when to say No
No one can tell you to indulge in sexual activities if you are not comfortable with it. Before you make a choice, understand and gauge the risks involved and learn to say “no” when you have to. A mature and responsible partner will respect your boundaries and will appreciate your efforts in ensuring better sexual health.

Whether you are in a new relationship or an ongoing romance, it is never too late to start practising safer sex! It can only benefit your health as well as your partner’s and relieve any concerns you may have.

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