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General Health

Everyone suffers from some kind of general health condition during their life. Loxdoc covers a range of common conditions that affect men and women. Providing you with information of many different conditions and popular medications, we make it simple and easy to purchase prescription medications online.

We offer tips on travel health and dealing with stress, to factsheets on vitamins and ideas to help you quit smoking, we help you feel good inside and out. Loxdoc aims to keep you and your family healthy this year.


Acid Reflux

Gastro-oesophageal reflux is also known as acid reflux. Acid reflux is a very common condition and a frequent cause of indigestion. Acid is caused when the lower oesophageal sphincter is abnormally relaxed and allows the stomach’s contents to rise back up into the gullet.

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Acne is a very common skin disorder causing pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and inflamed, red patches of skin (cysts). Acne is which is commonly referred to as ‘zits’ can be a very embarrassing skin disorder. Acne usually occurs during puberty and reaches it’s peak in teenagers around the ages of 17-19 year of age. High levels of hormones in the body usually cause this.

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Allergies are relatively common and occur when your immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment. Histamines can cause symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose and palate and a skin rash. It aggravates the sense of tastes, smell, sight and touch causing irritation, extreme disability and can be fatal.

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Cholesterol is just one of many substances made and used by our bodies which is vital to keeping us healthy and functioning normally. Cholesterol is also referred to as hypercholesterolemia. The body produces cholesterol that we need naturally, while some comes from the food we consume on a daily basis.

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Diabetes is a lifelong condition that affects men and women. People who suffer from diabetes have higher blood sugar levels than normal. Insulin is one of the main hormones that regulate the blood sugar levels and allows the body to use sugar for energy.

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Fungal Infection

A fungal infection can affect the scalp, skin, eye, mucous membranes (thrush), fingers, feet or toenails. A fungus causes the infection. Often fungi such as Candida albicans, which occurs naturally in your mouth, vagina and gastrointestinal tract, are responsible.

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Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are very common swellings that develop on the anus or the back passage. They are caused by varicose veins. People can be affected by it at any age, although, the chances are higher in senior years.

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Hair Removal

Hair Removal is a range of prescription creams that can help women remove visible facial hair (facial hirsutism). Facial hair can be a very embarrassing condition for women. As women get older the hormones goes through changes sometimes causing the hair to become darker.

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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. It is a condition that affects men and women and is very common. Having high blood pressure can cause many different health problems including stroke and heart disease and other heart problems.

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Influenza is commonly referred to as the flu. It is a viral infection that can spread from one person to next simply through the air by coughs and sneezes. Influenza can also be much more severe causing complications and leading to illness such as pneumonia, severe brain damage and even death.

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Nausea & Vomiting

Nausea & Vomiting are symptoms of disease and is not a specific illness. Nausea is a sensation that the stomach needs to empty itself, while vomiting or throwing up, is the violent act of forcible empting of the stomach.

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Pain & Inflammation

Pain & inflammation of the body includes a range of different conditions. Most people will experience aches and pains at some point of their lives. Most athletes will use medications when suffering from a sports injury that results in pain, swelling and inflammation.

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Quit Smoking

Eliminate nicotine addiction from your life without the onset of nasty cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Smoking can affect your health and the health of people around you. Around 400,000 of the 50 million smokers in the US die each year due to tobacco related illness and disease.

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Sleep Insomnia

Sleep & Insomnia is having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep for a substantial amount of time. Episodes of insomnia can last for weeks or be chronic, lasting for years. Having trouble sleeping can then lead to a lack of energy, tiredness during the day, difficulty concentrating and being moody or irritable.

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Travel Health

Travel health is a very important part of planning any trip. When traveling abroad you need to consider many risks to your health. It has been estimated that approximately 80 million travelers go annually from developed to developing countries.

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