Do Women Care How Big You Are Down There?

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We live in a world where the intonation, “Bigger is better,” is implied, if not outright verbalised (in SIX FOOT TALL, GLOWING CAPITAL LETTERS) at every turn. As a society we have an insatiable hunger for acquiring the biggest and the best of everything and sadly, this lifestyle is often allowed to run unchecked, subtly dictating much more of our decisions in life than we probably realise. We super-size our meals, drive oversized cars, purchase huge homes we can’t possibly afford and oh, why settle for a 52” television screen when there’s a 60” model on the market?

Though both genders are guilty of indulging in their own ways, the testosterone fueled, ultra-competitive male ego often results in men taking this whole “bigger is better” idea a step further and projecting it inward, applying it to themselves and their physical attributes in unrealistic and unachievable ways. Physical size has become the unofficial yardstick (errrr, ruler) by which masculinity is measured and self-esteem is derived. Characteristics such as height, muscle mass, and physical strength are all unofficial gauges of masculinity, yet for most men these are secondary to what they consider the most important measure of all… penis size.

Do Women Care How Big You Are Down There?

At the risk of bursting your delusional little bubble guys, as much as we know you obsess about the length of your member, women just do not value size nearly as much as you tell yourselves we do. As a woman, speaking in very general terms on behalf of women everywhere (ok maybe not everywhere… maybe more like speaking on behalf of our group of girlfriends whom we know well enough to have discussed penis-size with on some level), the size of your junk is just not as big a deal to us as you imagine. In fact, prior to writing this post, we conducted a highly scientific survey: we text messaged our five closest girlfriends (all of whom are intelligent, sexually mature, super attractive women) and asked them to weigh in on just how much they value this particular trait in a man. Does penis size matter and if so, to what extent?

The results? Probably not what you think

Yes, we love sex. More specifically, we love good sex. And good sex with a man we love and find physically, intellectually or emotionally attractive? Well, it doesn’t get much better than that. These sentiments were unanimous across the board. But to say a larger penis automatically equates to good sex is quite frankly laughable to us. The idea that the former inevitably begets the latter is not only an over simplification of the complexities inherent to sexually satisfying a woman, it also does a huge disservice to the amount of effort many men put into pleasing their partners. You’re far too smart for that.

Do we care about size on some level? Absolutely. At the end of the day we’re all animals and penis size is a carnal indication of masculinity and sexuality. However, the truth of the matter is that while there may be exceptions out there, when women say, “Size doesn’t matter,” what we really mean is, “As long as the sex is good, your junk is of at least average size, and you treat us like a goddess then size doesn’t matter.”

We can talk about the female anatomy for a moment, if that will further help to convince you. We’re sure you’re an expert on this subject already but just for fun, let us remind you that the average women’s vagina is 4-5 inches in length and the clitoris is located at the opening. (For the sake of every woman you’ve ever slept with, we hope this is not new information to you at this point). Our point is that yes, we care to an extent; no doubt about it. But believe it or not there is such a thing as just too damn big and once you meet the aforementioned basic needs of ours, we are generally pretty satisfied. What exactly do you plan to do with all that extra anyway? If it doesn’t fit, it’s not doing anyone any good, Superman.

In all seriousness, for all of our persuasion, flattery and highly scientific surveys, we recognise that we’re fighting a losing battle to change you mind here. The likelihood that a woman will convince you of anything is extraordinarily slim and here we’re being asked to refute one of the most fundamental, primitive ideas about what it means to be a man. This conversation goes to the core of how sexuality is defined and what attributes we as humans value, find unacceptable, and consider to be genetically superior; that’s a tall order for anyone.

On that note, we encourage you to lighten up and quit being so hard on yourself. Odds are, you’re perfectly normal, flawlessly endowed, and have absolutely nothing to be worried about. But hey if you still don’t believe us, there is always Viagra!

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