Brace Yourselves: Motion Sickness Is Coming

By December 29, 2014 March 21st, 2017 General Health
Brace Yourselves-Motion Sickness is Coming

Motion sickness is not a small problem, it affects a large number of people.

In most cases motion sickness affects children, however it can also affect adults. A combination of vaious sympotoms, it can happen while travelling in planes, cars or any other form of moving transport. For some people even a park ride induces motion sickness. The symptoms usually associated include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and sweating.

Motion sickness usually lasts for a few hours, however it can last for a few days for some people. It tends to fade away when the traveller stops experiencing turbulence in an airplane, or when the vehicle they are riding in comes to a halt, but for some the effects can stay with them for a while. The more people panic the more severe it seems to get.

Here are a few steps you can follow to avoid motion sickness:

  1. Avoid excessive eating or drinking just before getting on with your travel, you will have a lot more problems with a full stomach when in motion.
  2. When travelling try to look at a stationery object or the horizon, this will ensure your head does not spin and you are not dizzy.
  3. Separate yourself from the ones that are suffering from motion sickness. You may feel nauseatic yourself by just looking at them.
  4. Ride shotgun! Get the best seat next to the driver and just follow the road. Forget all about motion sickness. Get fresh air; if you are driving in a vehicle make sure you crank open a vent so that there is a constant influx of fresh air. It will take the nausea away.
  5. If you feel your motion sickness is quite grave and experience strong nausea and vomiting sensation every time you travel consult a doctor for medicines: medicines like Avomine, Scopoderm and Kwells provide definite relief and are trusted by frequent travellers.
  6. While travelling you are bound to have food on the ride. Make sure you do not opt for foods that have strong smells or taste which will aggravate your nausea.
  7. Even though its fun sitting backwards when travelling on trains and boats, avoid doing that. Before you even start having fun you might be sick!
  8. Avoid alcohol if you are prone to sickness while travelling: it is best to have a drink or two once the difficult part is over.
  9. No smoking! No matter how bad the craving, hold off on the nicotine hits till you are over the sickness.
  10. Keep calm and travel on. Try to relax your mind, try some meditation tecniques if you must. The more you think about it, the more problematic its going to be.

Remember its very easy to get over motion sickness, being relaxed is the key for a delightful journey. Travelling is all about having fun, experiencing the wind, the sights and new things. Say bye bye to motion sickness and enjoy the ride.

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