7 Mistakes People Make While Treating Acne

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Acne is quite a common and embarrassing skin disorder usually faced by teenagers and even adults with sensitive skin. There are times when these breakouts are quite bad, making it extremely uncomfortable and awkward to move out of the house.

Acne is an infection caused by excess oil production known as sebum produced by the sebaceous gland. The excess oil produced leads to inflammation of the gland thus resulting in blockage of skin follicles causing irritation. With so many treatments, remedies and skin products available over the counter, it can be quite confusing to pick what’s right for your skin.

Here are some common mistakes that people make while treating acne:

1. Starting an acne treatment without understanding what caused it
There are many reasons why acne occurs. It can occur due to hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy or menstrual periods. Stress, anxiety or taking birth control pills can also result in skin breakouts. Pollution, humid conditions, food habits and chemical cosmetics are also known to cause acne conditions. How your acne is treated depends on what caused it and how severe and persistent it is.

2. Waiting too long to see a dermatologist
Self-treating and experimenting with different skin care products for acne may worsen the condition. Fix an appointment to see a dermatologist who will help you figure out the exact cause of your acne. He will recommend a treatment tailored to the type of acne and your skin type.

3. Not trying an acne treatment for long enough
Your dermatologist prescribed you a treatment two weeks ago, but your skin still has outbursts of acne! Believing in acne treatments that say – 24 hours to clear that zit is not going to work. Skin takes longer to clear the bacteria and it requires time to heal. It takes about 6 to 12 weeks to notice any improvement on the skin. Sometimes the skin feels irritated during the initial days of treatment and your acne may even get worse before it gets better. So, give it enough time before you give up!

4. Trying too many products at a time
People have a tendency to try different products when they don’t see results in the first few weeks. When you try too many layers of products on your skin, it can lead to further irritation of skin causing your acne to worsen. The acne scars and marks may even take longer to heal.

5. Over cleansing and scrubbing the skin
Some people believe that acne is caused by dirt and hence they tend to cleanse or scrub their face multiple times in a day not knowing that scrubbing can actually worsen the acne. Over scrubbing and cleansing can actually deteriorate the skin’s protective barrier increasing irritation. Use a PH-balanced cleanser to gently wash your face.

6. Choosing wrong skin-care and cosmetic products
Alcohol based skin products with alkaline may worsen your acne and cause extreme irritation on your skin. Harsh cleansers, sunscreens and cosmetics may clog your pores, leading to skin breakouts. Hence, it is best to use natural and organic range of skin care and cosmetics that are suitable for sensitive skin. Consult your dermatologist for best available products suitable for your skin.

7. Worrying about acne
Those suffering from acne often feel self-conscious, embarrassed and low on confidence. Sometimes this even leads to social withdrawal and anxiety. Research shows that the more you worry about acne, the more it can worsen. So, it is important to relax and allow the treatment to work. Leading a healthy and stress-free lifestyle can help ease the condition and make you feel better.

Acne treatments can also be purchased online after an initial consultation with specialists. The right medication and prescription for treating acne can be sent to your doorstep. To keep the skin free from acne, it is best to continue with the treatment for some time even after the acne clears up.

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