10 Tips To Overcome Jetlag

By November 24, 2014 March 21st, 2017 Travel Health

The boom in the air travel industry has made it possible to visit many places and places that are far off too. With so many flight options all you have to do is decide the dates and take off. While travelling and enjoying at your destination is great; how to overcome the annoying jetlag once you land is the concern.

Jetlag is nothing but a few symptoms that we experience when our internal body clock goes out of balance. Some travellers experience it while some don’t and it depends on a lot of factors. It affects different people differently, some experience it for a few hours, some a few days and some a few weeks. If jetlag persists it can seriously affect your eating patterns, cause insomnia, severe headache or fever.

There is however good news, you can overcome jetlag partially if not entirely by following just a few steps. Follow these steps and see for yourself what works best.

1) Light exposure
Try and get maximum natural light for your body to adjust with the region. Sunlight is a natural stimulant and it will give you a lot of essential nutrients needed by the body.

2) No caffeine, no alcohol and no energy drinks
You might be on a holiday and might be in the mood to unwind and have some alcohol. Refrain from doing that till the time you are cured of your jet lag. Once your biological clock is on track you are free to party all you want! Also, try staying away from caffeinated drinks as they will keep you awake when you will be needing rest the most.

3) Warm up your body
If possible do a little cardio to try and elevate your body temperature. It will also bring your circadian rhythms to normal helping you relax.

4) Warm bath
A sauna or warm bath will definitely help you relax your body and mind. It will give you much needed calmness by relaxing your sore muscles and killing any headaches.

5) No binge or heavy eating
A heavy meal will definitely cause a disrutption in your sleep; avoid temptation! Eat simple, light and protein rich food to avoid indigestion. Have a glass of warm milk before going to bed or if you feel hungry during the night.

6) East or west?
Our bodies react differently with travel directions. If you are travelling east try and get more afternoon light; if you are travelling west get more morning light to readjust your circadin rhythms.

7) Plan your activities
Since you will be knowing your arrival and departure time and the time zone of your destination you can plan your activities accordingly. You can account for your sleep and work hours. Even if you are not able to stick to it you can use it as a guideline.

8) Check up on your sleep schedule
Keep a close watch on how many hours of sleep you are getting and adjust accordingly. Try new apps that are available for your cellphones to measure your sleep patterns. Once you land do not go to bed early; sleeping at unnatural hour is equally bad. You might get up in the middle of the night and fail to go to sleep again. Watch television or listen to light music prior to going to bed. Relax your mind!

9) Stay hydrated
Drink lots of water or juices to stay hydrated. Now it may not help you in overcoming jet lag but will certainly curb the fatigue and headache.

10) Medication
If jetlag persists or you are a constant flier and do not have time to follow these steps due to heavy work schedules consider taking medicines like Circadin. Consult your doctor for dosages and frequency.

Now that you know of these simple steps try them out the next time you are travelling and let us know what worked for you. Safe travels!

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